Wine Podcasts To Listen to This Fall

Looking to brush up on your wine knowledge this fall? Balancing a book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other can be challenging. Instead, turn on one of these wine podcasts and prepare to impress your friends with your knowledge at your next dinner party.


If you are looking to learn more about the wine you just picked up at your favourite Vancouver liquor store, GrapeRadio is a great addition to your podcast playlist. For more than ten years, GrapeRadio has been educating and informing the general public on all things wine through videos, audio productions and blog posts. Hear from experts in a number of areas related to wine and winemaking, including wineries and region-specific experts.

Friends of the Vine

Beer and wine stores around Vancouver are stocked with high-quality wines that you may not have tried before. Friends of the Vine helps introduce you to these wines through colourful podcasts featuring writers, reviewers, and other wine experts from around the globe.

I’ll Drink to That

This renowned podcast is comprised mainly of posts by a former sommelier who invites intriguing and infamous winemakers and experts into his living room. They speak about all matters of life relating to personal issues and, of course, wine. Other contributors add audio essays and conversation to enhance the flavour of I’ll Drink to That.

Wine for Normal People

Wine for Normal People is unpretentious and designed for the lay-person as it is run by two self-described “average-Joe” wine lovers. This wife and husband duo are endearing with their light-hearted and fun banter, but the podcast is packed with plenty of information to help you find the best bottle of wine at your nearest Vancouver liquor store.

A Glass With

A Glass With is the perfect podcast for celebrity-lovers. On each episode, host Olly Smith sits down with a famous celeb and chats while they enjoy a couple glasses of wine. Fun and light for a stress-free night.

If you’re looking to stock up on vino to enjoy while listening to your wine podcasts, look no further than St. Regis Fine Wines & Spirits.