Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Beer-Lovers

Giving a thoughtful gift on Valentine’s Day demonstrates your love. If you’re looking for creative gift ideas beyond the typical chocolate or flowers, look to your partner’s passion for wine or beer for inspiration.

Our liquor store in Downtown Vancouver has the fine wines and beers that your special someone craves on Valentine’s Day. To make the day complete, peruse local stores or online retailers for these cool gifts for wine or beer lovers.

  1. Specialty Beer Glasses

Glass styles like tulip, thistle, chalice, pint, or a mug all pair up with specific beer types. Think about the beer that the recipient prefers and select glasses designed to enhance that beer. For example, aficionados of pilsner and other light beers appreciate slender and tall glasses. The snifter style associated with cognac is also appropriate for swirling craft brews to release the aromas.

  1. Home Brew Beer Kits

Home brew beer kits are fun for DIY enthusiasts. While you’re waiting for fermentation to finish, our beer store in Vancouver has many good brews in stock.

  1. Wine Aerator Pump

If your partner geeks out over wine and gadgets, a wine aerator pump brings together both interests. The pump fits over a newly opened bottle and preserves the wine’s fresh taste even if the bottle sits out for hours. Aeration improves flavour too.

  1. Electric Corkscrew

Put an end to struggling with manual corkscrews. Electric corkscrews look elegant and remove the strain of pulling out corks. Anyone who is serious about wine in Vancouver will appreciate receiving one of these handy small appliances.

  1. Beer or Wine Tote

Carrying cases designed to hold beer or wine bottles allow you to arrive at a party in style. You’ll have no shortage of styles, colours, and materials to consider. Some come with glasses too. Choose one that matches your partner’s personality and get an extra kiss this Valentine’s Day.

After you’ve found the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, pick up beverages at St. Regis Fine Wines & Spirits. We’re a fully stocked source of liquor in Vancouver. When you’re looking for liquor stores in Vancouver, remember that we’re conveniently located in the Granville Skytrain Station.