Types of Glassware Every Host Should Own

Disposable dinnerware might be your go-to for barbecues or kids’ parties, but when you’re throwing a grown-up get together, you should think about upgrading from the red plastic cups you see in every beer store in Vancouver.

Having dedicated glassware might seem like a lot of extra work. However, if you purchase pieces that can double as everyday items, you’ll find that using more sophisticated serving tools like the ones listed below can make your party unforgettable.

  1. Pitchers

Having a few pretty pitchers can give any drink an extra touch of class. You can mix up a sangria with your favourite local Vancouver wine, throw together a fun Bloody Mary presentation or even set up a hydration station with some fruit-infused ice water.

  1. Unique Wine Glasses

Anybody can purchase a set of affordable, traditional wine glasses. However, if you’re hosting parties, you should look around for glasses that have a unique shape, texture or colour. They can be great conversation-starters, and you can easily use them for any occasion.

  1. Beer Mugs

You can certainly sip that craft beer from your favourite Vancouver beer store out of any glass in the cabinet, but it’s way more fun to have a set of gorgeous, hefty beer mugs to present to your guests. The best way to enjoy a great beer is with a frosty glass, and the right mugs can be repurposed for chilled cider or craft sodas, too.

  1. Dedicated Cocktail Glasses

If you’ve taken the time to visit your favourite liquor stores in Vancouver, you shouldn’t skimp on the presentation of your party’s signature cocktails. In a pinch, you can serve a cocktail in a glass of any size. However, you should always try to have a set of interesting and versatile cocktail glasses on hand.

To keep from spending a fortune on glassware, think about the types of cocktails you serve most often, and base your purchases off of the most convenient size for serving those drinks.

  1. Tasting Cups

These cups come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so choose the ones that you will use most often. You can purchase a set of stemmed tasting glasses that are great for wine, beer or even serving shots on the rocks.

These glasses can also be used for single-serve desserts, so they’re a great investment.

Get Creative

Next time you visit a liquor store in downtown Vancouver, take note of the presentation, and see what appeals to you. This can help you decide on shapes and patterns when you’re purchasing the glassware to host an amazing party.