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Top Wine Trends for 2020

The global love affair with wine shows no signs of slowing down in 2020. Everyone from sommeliers to novice wine drinkers has something to be excited about this year. At our Vancouver wine store, we stay on the pulse of wine trends, and we see these ones influencing the coming decade.

Southern Hemisphere Wines

Maturing vineyards throughout Australia, South Africa, Chile and Argentina are starting to turn heads more than ever. Sophisticated wine drinkers want to experience everything that the world has to offer, and Southern Hemisphere producers entice people with wines made from lesser-known grape varieties.

Local Wines Remain Big

Wherever wine lovers live or travel, they continue to seek out local producers. Wine by its nature captures the essence of the local soil. As a result, local winemakers can expect growing demand from consumers.

Wine Education

What began as a desire to learn the techniques and terminology necessary for wine tasting is expanding into classes that offer certifications. Classes that take a deep dive into wine growing and appreciation offer people a way to transform enthusiasm into expertise.

Low Sugar, Low Alcohol Wines

Wine industry insiders credit the health-conscious Millennial generation with driving demand for wines with less alcohol and less sugar. The trend includes wine spritzers and wines specifically bottled with lower alcohol or lower sugar content.

Cannabis-Infused Wine

Although this trend may not be for everyone, consumer interest in the marriage of cannabis and wine will rise in 2020. Be aware, however, that cannabis-infused wines contain no alcohol. Due to updated laws in Canada, nonalcoholic wines infused with cannabis derivatives are entering the market in British Columbia.

Influential Consumer Values

Increasingly, consumers place a high value on sustainable growing and manufacturing processes. They want wines from growers who follow organic or sustainable practices. Female producers are also starting to receive special attention in this male-dominated industry. To satisfy consumers who want their purchases to promote social goals, some fine restaurants have shifted their wine lists to feature wines produced by women or organic growers.

When shopping for wine in Vancouver, you can rely on St. Regis Fine Wine & Spirits to stock a diverse selection of local and imported wines. Visit us any time to browse our newest additions.