The Top Sommeliers in the World

The greatest sommeliers in the world set the standards for wine knowledge and appreciation. Most lovers of wine in Vancouver can only aspire to master the basics of wine, but the soaring heights of wine expertise achieved by sommeliers can inspire us all.

Sommeliers complete demanding educational courses that hone their knowledge of grapes, growing regions, pairings, pouring, presentation and much more. At St. Regis Fine Wines & Spirits, we recognize the top sommeliers in the world who add so much to the experience of drinking wine.

2019 World Champion Sommeliers

The International Sommeliers’ Association has organized global sommelier competitions since 1969.

The competition took place in Antwerp, Belgium and Marc Almert of Germany won first place this year in competition against 66 people from 63 countries. At only 27 years old, Almert is proof that age is just a number when it comes to succeeding internationally in the domain of wine.

The judges named Nina Jensen of Denmark as the second-place winner. Raimonds Tomsons of Latvia took third place.

The winners had to finish rigorous tests in front of a live audience. Competitors gave their best efforts in the categories of service, tasting and theory. Presentation and language contributed to the scoring criteria as well.

At the 2019 competition, the ASI also included a tribute to one of the greatest sommeliers who died in January. The association announced the creation of the Gerard Basset Lifetime Achievement Award. Basset’s wine credentials surpassed any of his peers. He possessed the titles Master of Wine and Master Sommelier as well as an MBA in wine business.

Winners of this prestigious competition gain worldwide attention that takes their careers to the elite level. The 2013 winner, Paolo Basso, now consults for luxury restaurants.

The 2016 champion, Arvid Rosengren, routinely receives invitations to host international tastings.

Although our liquor store in Downtown Vancouver might feel far away from intense sommelier competitions, we play our role in global wine culture. The consumption of wine, beer, or liquor in Vancouver is a very human activity. It’s about pleasure, relaxation, and socialization.

If  you’re looking for a beer store in Vancouver with a large selection of fine wine, you can expect St. Regis Fine Wines & Spirits to satisfy your needs. Most of us will never live and breathe wine like a sommelier, but liquor stores in Vancouver make it possible for anyone to explore the wines of the world.