Top 5 Romantic Wines for Valentine’s Day Dates

A special bottle of wine can transform your Valentine’s Day date. Find one at St. Regis, where we have an extensive selection of wine in Vancouver. Below, we recommend a bottle for every occasion.

  1. For the Casual Date

The dryness and tannins of a bottle of Pampas del Sur 2016 Shiraz Malbec complement steak dinners splendidly. You can pair it confidently with casual meals like meatballs and pizza too. This red blend of Shiraz and Malbec grapes from Argentina will give you plenty to talk about. The wine’s robust flavours delight and intrigue with notes of black cherry that deepen into coffee.

  1. For the Romantic Rendez-vous

The 2017 Love White promises to bring lovers together. The wine emerges from spontaneous fermentation born of the natural yeasts of the land, blending four grape varieties grown in California at over 400 metres elevation. As a liquor store in Downtown Vancouver, St. Regis has many fine wines like this one for romantic encounters.

  1. For the Dessert Date

St. Regis is one of the liquor stores in Vancouver where you can depend on finding small lot wines from our province’s Okanagan Valley. The Quails’ Gate Riesling Icewine possesses the sweetness necessary to enhance any dessert. Expect to experience a lingering finish full of delicate citrus flavours.

  1. For the Valentine’s Day Proposal

Celebrate popping the question with authentic Champagne from France. Blended from pinot noir and chardonnay grapes, the Veuve Clicquot Rose Champagne is dry on the palate. The marriage of its cherry and strawberry flavours is certain to add magic to this memorable occasion.

  1. For Bubble Lovers on a Budget

If you already appreciate the selection of liquor in Vancouver stocked at St. Regis, don’t forget to come to us when you need wine for Valentine’s Day. A bottle of Oyster Bay Brut Sparkling Cuvée from New Zealand will enliven your evening without busting your budget.

Your loved one will appreciate the effort that you put into picking out a special bottle of wine from St. Regis Fine Wines & Spirits for Valentine’s Day. Count on our beer store in Vancouver whenever you have a special occasion.