Top 10 Wine and Food Pairings for Easter

As a liquor store in Downtown Vancouver, St. Regis Fine Wine & Spirits serves a diverse customer base. Our extensive beverage selection meets the needs of people from a variety of backgrounds who want to plan a feast for Easter. Use these wine and food pairing tips to create a holiday meal that delights the senses.

  1. Asparagus and Sauvignon Blanc

Spring has truly sprung when asparagus shoots from the ground. The tender vegetable pairs splendidly with the fruity flavours of white wines made from sauvignon blanc grapes.

  1. Spinach and Ricotta Pie and Garganega

Also known in Italian as Torta pasquale, the dish balances well with white wine made from blends based on the garganega grape. Expect the mineral qualities of the wine to complement the pie’s creamy texture.

  1. Easter Eggs and Brachetto

Look for wines made from the dark Italian grapes known as brachetto when shopping for wine in Vancouver. These low-alcohol, aromatic wines tend to be sparkling and sweet.

  1. Lamb and Red Blends

A red blend, particularly from the Rioja growing regions of Spain, will make a sumptuous accompaniment to the traditional Easter lamb dinner.

  1. Roast Chicken, Turkey, or Duck and Pinot Noir

Vineyards across the world produce red wines from pinot noir grapes. Your guests will appreciate these fruity-yet-earthy wines that are readily available at liquor stores in Vancouver.

  1. Ham and Gamay

Gamay grapes produce robust reds like those from Beaujolais. Trust gamay grapes to create a light-bodied red that will provide a pleasing counterpoint to the meat.

  1. Roast Goat and Sangiovese

Sangiovese grapes form the backbone of red blends, like Chianti, and pair traditionally well with goat.

  1. Salmon and Chardonnay

Chardonnay is a natural companion to many fish dishes.

  1. Colomba Pasquale and Glera

Glera grapes make extra-dry Prosecco. The wine’s sparkle and sweetness work well with this Easter cake.

  1. Lemon Tarts and Riesling

Light-skinned riesling grapes originated in Germany. Riesling wines generally have the acidity to pair with citrus-flavoured desserts.

These pairing suggestions will help you select bottles when you shop for wine and liquor in Vancouver. You can also round out your beverage selection with domestic and imported beers from our beer store in Vancouver.