Holiday Gift Guide for Wine Lovers

If you have a wine-lover in your life, you may be at a loss as to what to gift him or her this holiday season. While it’s possible to pick up a good bottle of wine from local liquor stores in Vancouver, there are an array of accessories to that make wonderful gifts for the connoisseur (or the budding connoisseur) alike.

Below are five products that would make perfect gifts for the wine aficionado who has everything.


This is one product you won’t find at your favourite beer or wine store in Vancouver. The Coravin wine opener is unlike any other device on the market. Rather than having to open an entire bottle of wine just to enjoy one glass, the Coravin allows you to inject a special needle directly into the cork of the bottle to extract only the amount you want.

This is important for wine-lovers who want their expensive bottles to last longer than a few days. Coravin offers a few different systems so you can order the one that is the best fit.

Snap Digital Thermostat

The temperature of a bottle of wine is just as important to the taste as aeration and pouring it into the proper glass. Gifting your wine lover a snap bracelet-style digital wine thermometer means that he or she can always enjoy a bottle of wine at the perfect temperature.

Wine Freeze Cooling Cups

Speaking of temperature, nothing is worse than pouring a perfectly chilled glass of wine only to have it warm up too quickly. You should never add ice to fine wine, so gifting a set of these cooling wine glasses offers a chic solution.

The bottom half of the insulated glass is filled with a special cooling gel that can be chilled in the freezer, and the wide silicone band around the cup ensures a comfortable grip. These are also great for enjoying liquor in Vancouver year-round.

Riedel Wine Decanter

Some liquor stores in Vancouver sell plain decanters alongside their wines, but a true wine lover deserves a decanter that’s also a unique conversation piece. This can be paired with his or her favourite bottle of Vancouver wine for an even more personalized gift.

The Riedel cobra decanter is a particularly beautiful piece that any wine connoisseur will enjoy adding to his or her collection. Riedel has an entire catalog of stunning glass decanters to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect one.

Regardless of the gift you give, a bottle of fine wine from St. Regis Fine Wine & Spirits liquor store in downtown Vancouver will surely be a welcome accompaniment.