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Five Books Every Aspiring Wine Connoisseur Must Read

If you’re looking to become a wine expert, there are myriad literary resources at your fingertips. And by doing a little extra homework, you can quickly become a skilled wine aficionado. Here are five books that every aspiring wine connoisseur should have on their bookshelf.

The New Wine Rules

Liquor store experts in downtown Vancouver strongly recommend this book for newbies. Although The New Wine Rules by Jon Bonne is packed with valuable information, it’s also incredibly easy to read because the author does such a great job of breaking down the various concepts for the layperson.


In Flawless, Jamie Goode teaches readers how to distinguish a good wine from a not-so-great one. You’ll also learn how storage conditions can impact a wine’s taste. This book is bound to become a favourite among wine connoisseurs: It’ll certainly help Vancouver wine buyers choose the perfect bottle!


While Champagne is a relatively new book, many wine experts are already calling it a classic. After reading Champagne by Peter Liem, you’ll be able to walk into a beer or wine store in Vancouver with far more confidence. History buffs will love the book’s detailed information about different wine regions, and the photographs featured inside are absolutely stunning.

Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book 2018

Vancouver wine specialists suggest keeping this convenient reference book, originally written in 1971 by Hugh Johnson, on hand at all times. From grape varieties to how well food pairs with a specific wine, this authoritative guide will give you quick access to tons of valuable information.

The Dirty Guide to Wine

If you’re having trouble choosing the ideal bottle, The Dirty Guide to Wine will give you a hand. In this book authored by Alice Feiring, you’ll learn how a wine’s flavour is influenced by the region’s soil. When it comes time to purchasing a new wine at liquor stores in Vancouver, you’ll already have a good idea of how you can expect it to taste.

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