5 Holiday Gifts for Beer-Lovers

With Christmas fast-approaching, it’s time to crossing off names on that holiday shopping list. If you have a beer lover on your list, a purchase from our Liquor Store in Downtown Vancouver would be something they would surely appreciate. But here are five other suggestions beyond a bottle of delicious brew.

Bottle Cap String Lights

Now here’s an easy way to make a holiday gathering (or any party for that matter) more festive. Just string up a bunch of these Beer Bottle Cap String Lights, consisting of a 60-inch long strand of 10 LED lights with each measuring almost 3 inches in diameter. Bonus: each cap is adorned with a humorous beer saying.

This Calls for a Drink!

Looking for a gift for the budding beer connoisseur? Gift them This Calls for a Drink!: The Best Wines and Beers to Pair with Every Situation. This 272-page tome tells any lover of liquor in Vancouver what beverage to serve at a four-course dinner or what keg to bring to a backyard barbecue. The tone is hip and the recommendations are made by a Certified Sommelier and retail liquor consultant.


Why play Monopoly when you can play Beeropoly? A roll of the die moves the bottle-cap pieces around a handmade pine wood board with such landing spaces as “Guys Drink,” “Dance Moves,” or “Pour 1 Drink into the Community Cup.” The last person standing has to drink from the community cup.

Beer-Making Kit

Put the power of beer-making into your giftee’s hands with an at-home beer-making kit. This all-grain starter set contains everything the budding brewmeister requires: grains, hops, yeast, a reusable glass fermenter, thermometer, chambered airlock, racking cane and tip, and a screw-stop stopper. The recipient must provide their own bottles, pot, funnel and strainer.

3.2 Cubic-Foot 2-Door Fridge and Freezer

If you’re looking for a big-ticket gift for the beer-lover, this may be it. This stainless-steel fronted fridge has enough space to keep a favourite batch cold. The thermostat adjusts to compensate for hot weather and the space-saving flush back design fits this appliance in the smallest of rooms. The door has a basket for two-litre bottles and the built-in dispenser is convenient for cans.

For more gifts ideas for the beer-lover visit us at St. Regis Fine Wine & Spirits.