5 Great Food and Beer Pairings

Before you head to the nearest beer store in Vancouver, check out these five great food and beer pairings so that you can grab the perfect drinks for your meal.

  1. Comfort Food and Ales

Ales are traditionally paired with pub-style foods such as burgers, wings and fried appetizers. This is because sour ales and pale ales often have an acidic but lightweight yeasty quality that works well with these heavier foods. You can even pair a good sour ale with apple pie or a fruity cake.

  1. Asian Food and IPAs

India pale ales are distinct from other ales because of their intensely hoppy profile. This makes them a perfect complement to most Asian cuisine, especially Thai food. Many IPAs also feature an acidic, fruity note as well, which can help to cut through intensely spicy or oily foods.

  1. Seafood and Stouts

You may have seen stouts paired with chocolate before, but you can also pair up a dry stout with some fresh seafood for an interesting new take on a meal. Stouts are often heavy and somewhat bitter, but this makes them ideal for a salty seafood dish. The salt tempers the bitterness of the beer, and it allows more of the sweet malty flavour to come through.

  1. Salad and Wheat Beers

When you’re shopping for wine in Vancouver, it’s common to see plenty of varieties that pair well with lighter fare like soups and salads. You may not realize this, but a wheat beer is a surprisingly refreshing accompaniment to a fresh salad as well.

Because they are generally light and sweet, wheat beers work well with soups and salads, especially ones that feature goat cheese or bitter greens.

  1. Chili and Porter

If you’re making a hearty, meat-heavy meal, you can’t go wrong with a porter. They are rich, dark and heavily malty, which may sound intimidating to some. However, while these beers are a bit more complex, the profile of a porter is perfect for highlighting the charred, umami flavours of chilis, steaks or meaty stews.

Try a New Pairing With Your Next Meal

The next time you’re thinking of making a run to a liquor store in Vancouver such as St. Regis Wine & Spirits, consider purchasing beer so that you can try one of the craft brew pairings mentioned above. You might be surprised by how much more delicious your meal tastes.