5 Dessert Wines to Sip on Halloween Night

Since Halloween and sweets go together like witches and brooms, you’ll want to be ready with a proper dessert wine. As a liquor store in Downtown Vancouver, St. Regis Fine Wines & Spirits suggests sipping on any of these dessert wines during Halloween festivities.

  1. Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery Cabernet Franc Icewine

Our extensive selection of wine gives you access to this delightful icewine from the Okanagan Valley. The growers waited until temperatures dropped to at least -10 C to pick the frozen solid grapes. The freezing concentrates the sweetness, acidity and tannins. This wine enhances the taste of chocolate, cheese and nuts.

  1. Lang Vineyards 2012 Riesling Icewine

St. Regis is so much more than a beer store in Vancouver. We’re among liquor stores in Vancouver stocking this sumptuous 2012 Riesling icewine. Known for its lemon flavour highlighted by the taste of honeydew melon, this Canadian icewine pairs especially well with crème brulee, blue cheese and orange sherbet.

  1. Mission Hill Family Estate Reserve Vidal Icewine

Another Okanagan Valley icewine, this dessert wine is a prince among Canadian wines. The Vidal grapes produce a complex flavour of pineapple, apricot, and a hint of lime that will elevate the taste of desserts like fruit tarts. We’re honoured to be one of the liquor stores in Vancouver to stock this fine reserve wine.

  1. Quails’ Gate Riesling Icewine 2008

If you’re hosting a Halloween party, you might be shopping for liquor in Vancouver, but you should also select dessert wines for your guests like this Riesling from the Okanagan Valley. It combines a high acidity with a tart symphony of apricot and orange. Pair it with crème brulee for the greatest effect.

  1. Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery 2017 Riesling Icewine

Our specialists at our liquor store in Downtown Vancouver also recommend another fine icewine from Gehringer Brothers. It balances sweetness with acidity and delights wine enthusiasts with a flavourful blend of peach, grapefruit and green apple. This versatile award winner uplifts any dessert choice.

At St. Regis, we’ll be happy to help you choose wine and liquor for your Halloween celebration. Stop in and let us help you plan your Halloween party.