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4 Wines to Serve With Your Easter Feast

Are you planning to serve one of the traditional main dishes including ham, lamb, and turkey at your Easter feast? Here are the grapes we suggest pairing with these holiday staples.

  1. Pinot Noir

Our Vancouver wine store stocks bottles of Pinot Noir from a variety of producers. This grape variety yields a fruity red wine that provides a splendid accompaniment to lamb, ham, and even turkey. The common view that white pairs with bird dishes need not apply to your turkey dinner if you or your guests prefer a glass of red. If you’re craving a bottle of Pinot Noir with truly complex flavours, be sure to select one that has been aged.

  1. Zinfandel

Zinfandel’s flavours change subtly depending on the climate where these grapes are grown. Vineyards in cooler areas produce a fruity red that matches the sweet savouriness of ham and performs well alongside turkey. Warm regions, on the other hand, will deliver a Zinfandel wine with spicier notes.

  1. Riesling

When you want a white wine, Riesling is a fantastic pairing for the traditional Easter ham. Riesling wines have a high acidity and residual sugar as well as a floral aroma. Sweet wines in general are considered appropriate for ham because of the sweet curing of the meat. Although Germany is the homeland of this popular grape variety, you can shop for Rieslings from vineyards throughout the world at our Vancouver liquor store.

  1. Merlot

If you’re planning a luscious lamb dinner for your Easter celebration, you’ll want to have a deep red wine to serve with the red meat tenderness of spring lamb. Merlot wines derive their characters from the time of harvest. Late-season, fully ripened Merlot grapes produce what is known as international-style Merlot which possesses a high alcohol content and a deep purple colour. Bottles labeled “Bordeaux style” come from early-season harvests that result in medium-bodied wines.

With Easter around the corner, St. Regis Wines and Spirits invites you to visit our store in Granville Skytrain Station. You can ask us questions as you browse our wine selection and ponder your choices.