4 Hot Wine Trends for 2019

A visit to our liquor store in Downtown Vancouver places the world of beer, wine and spirits at your fingertips. As wine sellers, we can speak confidently about the hottest wine trends for 2019. We notice right away when tastes shift among people who drink wine in Vancouver.

  1. Lesser-Known Varietals

Wine-producing regions off of the beaten path are making headway in the global market. Different types of grapes grown in relatively obscure wine regions, like Greece, Slovakia or Slovenia, have gotten the attention of wine-lovers. We expect their interest to continue expanding in these new directions.

  1. Full-Bodied Wines

Wines with alcohol contents above 13.5 per cent land in the full-body category. At this level of alcohol, the viscosity of the wine feels heavier in the mouth. They are a good choice for someone wishing to develop wine-tasting skills. Full-bodied wines typically are red, like Syrah, Zinfandel, Malbec or Merlot, although Chardonnay qualifies as full-bodied wine too.

  1. Sparkling Wines

With so many global producers making sparkling wine, your desire for something bubbly is no longer limited to Champagne. Chile, New Zealand and Australia are leaders in the production of affordable and high-quality sparkling wines. Next time you come into our beer store in Vancouver for some cold brews, pick up some sparkling wine as well.

  1. Cool Climate Wines

Our local vineyards in British Columbia have contributed to the growing popularity of cool-climate wines. Colder growing regions around the world have to keep their grapes on the vine well into fall. The resulting wines preserve that connection to the soil superbly. Cool climate wines tend to have good balance, subtle flavours, complex aromas and higher acidity.

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