The St. Regis Liquor Store

Searching for a quality liquor store in downtown Vancouver? Come on down to St. Regis Liquor Store.  We are fully stocked with spirits, red and white wine, cold beer, and everything with alcohol that you can legally consume. We are located inside the Granville Skytrain Station, and are proud to be one of the best beer stores in Vancouver.

We specialize in offering a selection of distinguished wines and authentic beers and continuously update our store to ensure all customers find what they want. The St. Regis Liquor store hand picks alcohol from the highest rated local producers. When you want to find an extensive range of premium beers and varietals at a liquor store in Vancouver, come down to our store.

We are renowned for offering high-quality products and the best wine in Vancouver. Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and will offer advice to you whenever you want. Our motto is to provide customers with a great time whenever they come on down to the St. Regis Liquor Store, and that is why we ensure they get a service they appreciate.

Comprehensive Selection of Wines, Beers, and Spirits

St. Regis Liquor Store knows what people want and are looking for in Vancouver, and offers a comprehensive selection of spirits, wines, and beers. You can come to visit the store anytime from 9am to 11pm daily– join us  to celebrate a special occasion or just to have drinks after dinner. We have everything that you could want and have well-stocked coolers too.

The experience we provide our customers with is extremely important to us, which is why the St. Regis Liquor Store is recognized as the best liquor store in downtown Vancouver.

The real action is in our store. We are located in Granville Station, downtown Vancouver.

We are opened daily 9AM – 11PM

Unit 30 – 678 Dunsmuir Street
(604) 662-3177